“Health insurance is no longer affordable to the individual and to the small business owners."

Barbara Schneiderman

• P R I N C I P A L •



"The individual and small business owner must have
a plan!”

Each person should have a foundation of insurance in order to protect their assets in case of serious health events or mortality.

Clients often ask, after suffering a serious reversal, "Can you help me, since a disaster has befallen me?" Insurance needs must be addressed now, when people are healthy.

Individuals pay for the peace of mind that I provide through my expertise in the insurance industry. Clients who take my educated advice are satisfied with the protection I can provide.

My husband and I believed in being fully insured in order to protect each other. 

When he died, I could have retired, though I did not. I felt it was my duty to continue to help others with the wealth of knowledge I had acquired during my 23 years in this industry. Additionally, I felt that I was too young to retire.

“Insure your

“Not your parents' insurance!”

You can receive the benefits of my expertise in the ever-changing insurance market.

There are innovative products and ideas that were not available to your parents and that are new in the insurance field today. Every individual has different needs, and requires a specialized analysis of what is needed for the future. Let me try to help protect you with products no one may have told you about!

This approach will help with your retirement planning. I am a good example, as this approach has helped me greatly. Let my expertise give you the same peace of mind that I was able to achieve through good planning.

What Others Are Saying...

“I thought my wealth was protected until I talked to Barbara” 

Rachel A.

"Barbara is wonderful! Every year she deploys her abundant smarts, savvy, good humor,and caring heart for many people who depend on her for selecting health insurance today."

William E.

“I have piece of mind after benefitting from Barbara’s wealth of knowledge”

Myrna P.

“I fully trust Barbara and her expertise”

John W.