Barbara Schneiderman

• P R I N C I P A L •

Barbara has been in the insurance industry since 1996. She started by working for a big HMO company in the Medicare side of the business. Through the many years she branched out into the individual and group business with all the ancillary products associated.  Through her expertise she has advised clients big and small on what to do to protect their assets from claims from doing Health benefits, Long Term Care, Disability and Life insurance.

She has been extremely successful over the years and looks at the whole person now to build the foundation for protection for the individual as well as for the whole family. Through the client's life experiences and her own she wants to help guide an individual to the best that insurance has to offer. She believe leverage is the way to go for financial success! Let her guide and explain to you the new and innovative ways of insurance coverages!

You won't be disappointed!